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Mark II+ - Sine wave, torque control e-bike controller

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Mark II+ provides twice the power (60A battery current) compared to Mark I. The full-range regenerative braking is supported. Cycle Analyst can be connected directly to the controller.
Dimensions: 175 х 82 х 42 mm
Battery current: <60A
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Operating voltage is 40-90 V. The controller can be used with 48, 52, 77 and 85-volt batteries. IRFB4110 FETs are used.

  • Sine wave for super quiet riding;
  • Torque control provides gentle and smooth acceleration;
  • Analogue regenerative e-braking function (works at any speed, up to a complete stop);
  • XT60 battery connector;
  • XT90 motor phase connectors;

Has connectors for:

Full-twist or half-twist throttle with power switch and 3-pos power regulator switch is included.

Warranty: 1 year if used with E4BIKE motors, 3 months with other motors. Warranty conditions:

  • motor power must be no greater than 5 kW and motor kV must be < 10 (all our motors fit this requirement);
  • curcut breaker (С63) is used - can be purchased here or elsewhere;
  • the controller must be ventilated by airflow (i.e. not hidden in a bag or bike frame;
  • if used with a symmetrical BMS battery, regenerative brake should not be fully used within first 10% of battery charge

Warranty is void if controller is opened, flooded by water, phase wires short circuited, or incompatible accessories are used.


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