Custom battery

We produce custom batteries of any size, shape and configuration. The battery has a sturdy textolite casing and is wrapped with a heatshrink tube. One year warranty. Production takes up to 5 days. Shipping within three days after completion.

We use the best and most reliable automotive-grade battery cells (not laptop-class) :)

LG MH1 and Samsung 35E (Green series) - cells that provide most capacity, but not so high current - best used for light bikes.

NMC2650 (Red series) - affordable cells with less capacity, but making overall battery cheaper.

Samsung 30Q (Black series) - used for the most powerful batteries, providing high current needed for high speed and mad acceleration.

First, cells are combined in parallel, forming a series - capacities of cells are summed.
Then the resulting blocks are connected in series, adding their voltages.
This way a battery of desiged capacity and voltage is made.
S and P explained Voltage = S x 3.7 В
Capacity = P x [cell capacity]

BMS (Battery Management System) constantly monitors the cells and protects the battery against over-charge, over-discharge, overheating and short circuit. It also balances the cells' charges to ensure that the cells are in good health.
Usage of a battery without BMS is possible, but is strongly not recommended!

Symmetrical BMS allows the battery to be charged via discharge port, i.e. the battery can accept the charge back when regenerative braking occurs.

All batteries are packed into a sturdy textolite casing and are wrapped with a heatshrinking tube.

All batteries have two sets of wires - charging and discharging, with female XT60 connectors.

Estimated life time before the capacity falls by 20% (to 80% of nominal capacity) is expected to be 3-5 years or >= 300 full cycles. If not fully charged/discharged but used between 20%-80% charge levels - then >= 1000 cycles are expected. The battery can be used further, but the capacity will slowly degrade.

One year warranty.
Battery production time is up to 5 days.
Shipping within three days after completion.

Please note: we split cells into classes - Green, Red, Black. We constanty monitor what cells are available and how good they are, thus we may replace one type of cells with another within the same class, but only if parameters are equal or better.

1. Cells

  • Максимальный ток указывается производителем ячеек как ток, который способна отдавать одна ячейка в лабораторных условиях с должным охлаждением. На практике, без вреда для ячеек, такое значение можно забирать с батареи только кратковременно, не более нескольких минут подряд.

  • Комфортный ток - ток, который можно длительно и непрерывно снимать с батареи.

Поскольку контроллер всё равно даёт полную мощность только на старте или заезде в горку, чтобы батарея жила максимально долго - достаточно чтобы ток контроллера не превышал комфортный ток батареи более чем в два раза.

2. Configuration

Voltage: V

Fully charged: V
Fully discharged: V

Capacity: Ah

Continuos current: А
Peak current: А

3. BMS

Continuos current: А
Peak current: А

4. Shape

Mass: kg
No assembly - just bare cells
--> Shape configurator <--

5. Charger

0 -> 80% charge: h
0 -> 100% charge: h

6. Specifications

Voltage V Fully charged: V
Fully discharged: V
Capacity Ah Wh
Peak load
(< 3 min)
Continuous load А W
Mass kg

* Без повышенного износа батареи. Длительную нагрузку можно и увеличивать вплоть до двойного указанного значения, но это будет негативно сказываться на сроке жизни батареи.

Range, km
at 25 kph at 40 kph at 75 kph

Please contact us to work out the details before paying.

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