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CA connection

1) Low volts limit should be set to 36V for 48V16Ah LiNMC battery.


2) RShunt should be set to 1 - 1.5 mOhm. This value differs from one controller to another.


So you should set 1.1 mOhm first, choose the middle position of the 3 position switch on the throttle. Then change the home screen of the CA to the one that shows current value:


And accelerate with the full throttle on the ground (not in the air) so that the CA can show the maximum power. CA should show ~60A during acceleration. If the value shown is lower then you should lower the Rshunt value and try again. If the value shown is higher then you should increase the Rshunt value. The correct value is between 1 and 1.5 mOhms. After setting Rshunt you will get the correct power, current, recent and total consumption values.

3) If you get nonzero current on the home screen you should choose this setting.


4) To get the correct speed and mileage this value should be set to your wheel length. Basically it is 2090 mm for 26" wheel.


The #Poles should be set to 23 for A-750 motor.


5) Some other setting to avoid any interference between controller and CA. Mark II controller does not support current limiting and speed limiting by the CA.